Data/IT design is not as simple as it used to be; it is not just “symbols on the page”. Your communication infrastructure design must be simple in its approach but encompass the vital backbone of what allows you to communicate. A simplified and unified infrastructure is important to help reduce overhead while still allowing flexibility and growth. 

Polysonics focuses on the backbone systems that meet your needs and requirements while simplifying the overall approach.   This allows you to focus on the front-end devices that you touch everyday.


(verb) To connect computers and telecommunications equipment

Cable Infrastructure

  • Unified Communication Design
  • WAN/LAN Design
  • POS System Locations
  • IDF/MDF Layout/Location
  • Vertical and Horizontal Pathways
  • Grounding
  • Data Center Design


  • WIFI Access Point Locations
  • WIFI Coverage Mapping
  • DAS and 2-way Radio Infrastructure
  • DAS Coverage Mapping