A/V Technology

At Polysonics we are passionate about working with our client’s to clearly understand what it is that they are trying to communicate and how they are trying to communicate.   From the classroom to the worship space to the theater/performance hall to the conference room to the ballroom, we understand the importance of clearly, effectively and easily utilizing technology to impact your audience. Polysonics’ design teams work with your team to develop and convey the Audio and Video system that meets your goals.

Our design solutions remove barriers so you can communicate with who you want, when you want.


(verb) To convey knowledge or information

Audio Systems

  • Voice Lift/Reinforcement
  • Performance Audio
  • Lecture/Classroom
  • BGM/Page

Media Distribution

  • Building Wide Digital Distribution
  • MPEG Transport Systems
  • Unicast/Multicast TCP & UDP


Video Systems

  • Video IMAG
  • Broadcast Video
  • Video Conferencing/Tele-Presence
  • Integrated Presentation Systems
  • LED/Video Walls
  • Scoreboards

Control Systems

  • Integrated Control Systems
  • GUI Touchscreen Layout